Filled-in voting stars (using character U+2605 BLACK STAR) aren't showing up for me anymore and the "vote up" text is displaying in dingbats. Both the stars and "vote up" text has font-family set to "Zapf Dingbats". On Linux (through Fontconfig), "Zapf Dingbats" is aliased to "D050000L" which doesn't have a glyph for BLACK STAR. I tried installing a font called "ITC Zapf Dingbats" that I found online but it doesn't seem to have BLACK STAR either. The hollow stars show fine, and disabling the font-family rule from the developer console makes everything display properly.

I could just override this locally using a user style, but I think the site should either not specify a font for the stars to let the system automatically select one which has the BLACK STAR glyph, or use the letter "H" as that seems to be a filled-in star in both Zapf Dingbats and D050000L. In either case, the "vote up" text shouldn't use a dingbats font.