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Can you help me?
Hello I am a writer. I'll want some artwork for my book, maybe I'm not drawn. I think that fifty ilustration will be well sufisen. My book is about five hundred pages. Could you help me drew or could you helped me may created character. thank you!
i'm sorry, but we are not artists. try looking at or
good luck with your book and search for an artist!
Bitch, you're literally a artist though.
not the kind of artist this dude is looking for...
You could still weasel him out of a few bucks probably.
As Koki mentioned, none of us here are professional artists or illustrators (except Koki). This site is more for people to post art by other artists. If you are interested in hiring someone you should try either of the sites Koki mentioned. Though finding someone to do such extensive work (50 different pieces for one book) might be difficult.