This Shakugan no Shana picture needs a higher resolution.
I hear from a friend that Konachan is the best!

It used to be on DeviantArt. It was drawn by a girl who said that she drew it for her boyfriend. A part of the original title was called "Dere Dere," "Dere~Dere," or "Dere Dere~", or something like that.

Its an old picture. I first saw it in late 2010 through early 2011. It was a very popular fan art on DeviantArt at the time, though.

I'm still looking for it right now, but I'm having a hard time finding something that is not derived from a YouTube video's thumbnail or something.

I also found this...

While searching Konachan, but the quality is still pretty low, especially when I know it was a lot higher quality before.

I would love to have the original file. Could someone please help me find it. You will be my new best friend forever! ^_^
It seems that 1200x776 is the original resolution.

You could plug it in to waifu2x to make it bigger without much loss of image quality.

The Deviant Art page that the image was posted to all those years ago doesn't exist anymore.
How did you discover that it was the original source of the image? Does it say somewhere on the page that you linked to?

What page was it, or do you remember what the username was?

I could put it in Waifu2x, but I was hoping to find the original somewhere. If I could remember who drew the picture exactly, I might be able to find something better. I know that was the best quality I could find on the usual sites, but there could still be something out there.

Thank you for helping out! ^_^
I put the smaller image in to . It can find almost any drawing.

The source link on the Danbooru post (which was made over seven years ago) takes you to what I believe was the original location of the image, but it's no longer in service.
otaku_emmy: Oooooh, thank you. I have not come across that image search site, yet. I usually use the other one that searches through Zerochan, the boorus, etc. Thanks! You still found the link back to the page, though! ;-)

Ahhhhhhh, I'm so stupid, it was "Urusai - Urusai", not "Dere - Dere."

Is it appropriate if I say that you are a genius, Dummy? That's the original page, alright. The username on the account, too. I wonder if they still have it. They were fairly popular on DeviantArt, they may have moved to another account. I, too, was a fairly popular artist on DeviantArt once upon a time, so maybe I can get in touch with her.

I will start trying to find out. The web page doesn't display the original full image, though. Just what you see, but it might be just as helpful. You all really are the best. Did anyone here know this artist personally, or know if she has another account out there?
Though, as you can see from the details section on that archived web page, 1200×776 is the original resolution. Most likely you were using a monitor with a lower resolution 7 years ago so it appears quite a bit smaller on your current monitor.
You are actually right, I did notice this. Although, maybe its the other way around. What I remembered was the image being much clearer, rather than bigger. It is possible that the other sites that it was uploaded on have the correct size, but slightly lesser quality.

If that isn't the case, and it is just in the quality, is Waifu2X the best option available for this sort of thing? Or is there another alternative?

I'm still looking to see about the original illustrator.
I still haven't found anything yet, but I was wondering if anyone knows of anything even better than Waifu2X. I have actually tried using Photoshop as well, but the results were not quite as pleasing as I had hoped.
The only thing better than Waifu2x at the moment is redrawing it manually I think.
Waifu2x is a utility that has utilized machine learning algorithms to analyze anime style art in order to learn how to "essentially" re-draw image at a higher resolution. It's not just a simple image sharpening filter.

I'm fairly sure waifu2x is the only publicly available utility that uses such a method to process images. So for most anime style art, you won't find anything better.

However, art styles vary and some images just don't turn out well with waifu2x. Especially images with grainy textures or a dense field of stars. In such cases, you may find some combination of standard image filters that works better.

But when fine details such as lacework are downscaled so far that the details are no longer clear enough to recognize, nothing can fix that (except an artist)...
Alright, I am going to run it through Waifu2X, either once, or a few times just to test it. I mean, I've used Waifu2X before, but I was just wondering if I was missing something. If I can't find the original illustrator anywhere, I'll have to see what my own artistic abilities can achieve.

I will run it through Waifu2X (maybe do a few things to it myself in Photoshop to compare), and then I will post it in this topic in order to receive the opinions of yours, whether or not it came out acceptable.

I will be right back! ^_^