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Looking for this particular set of Touhou backgrounds
A few days ago i found a particular set of Touhou backgrounds on google images and a couple wallpaper sites, all having the same style and watermark.
The backgrounds were simplistic and only had a single color with a silhouette of a touhou character and the watermark containing a link to a certain website. Here's a few examples:

Since i found a fair few of them, i was wondering if there was a list of all these backgrounds in this style and if they were available anywhere without the watermark, so obviously the first thing i did was look on the website in the watermark, but the backgrounds were nowhere to be found. Eventually through reverse searching one of the backgrounds i came upon a Konachan post of one of them, which had the same website listed as its source, but linked to a certain page that doesn't exist anymore.

When using web archive (wayback machine) i found an earlier snapshot of this page which did in fact contain the list of every of these similairly styled wallpapers with their download links. Sadly the previews of the backgrounds on this page are not in their original resolution and clicking on the download link obviously takes you to another page that hasn't been archived by the wayback machine.
I'd really like to have these background images since they look really neat and they're exactly the kind of backgrounds i've been looking for. If anyone knows where to find all of them or has them downloaded and is willing to share them, that'd be greatly appreciated.
So far i've already tried to download every single one that i could find, but i'm still missing quite a few of them. Searching for "Toho Gakkaranbu wallpaper" or "Toho surpara wallpaper" on google images will get you some of these wallpapers.

The konachan post containing one of these backgrounds:

The page that used to have the list of every one of these backgrounds (this link will now just redirect you to the homepage which is the same page as the URL in the watermark):

The same page archived by the wayback machine:
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If any are missing, put its thumbnail (from wayback machine archived page) to
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Yup, those are some of the backgrounds. Specifically these ones were easy to find on google images though but thanks anyway.

I'm still missing many of them judging from the page on the way back machine and sadly saucenao wasn't able to find anything. It's sad to think that the rest of these backgrounds are completely gone, but i guess that's how it is unless i manage to contact one of the artists.
Maybe you're better off asking on a touhou fan forum. Some people keep tons of old images.
There is a forum #58561 <Help me find wallaper(s)....> specifically for this topic please continue this discussion there.