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Something i don't understand.

A couple years ago i uploaded some Transformers stuff, but it was deleted. Reason? "Not anime"
Transformers is owned partially by Takara Tomy, a Japanese company.
Yet artwork of Overwatch and League of Legends,
Both Video Games made by American companies are for some reason allowed here.
It's a matter of style over substance.
Also keep in mind some people get automatic approval and arguing over whether something should stay or go can be too much trouble.

But yeah, we deal in the "anime style". So it could be from anything. If someone uploaded a really good quality image of a character from Adventure Time that was drawn in an animesque style, it could very well be approved.
I reviewed your two deleted uploads.
  • The first was draw in typical US Comic style, not anime style.
  • The second was a portrait view, we only accept landscape view images with aspect ratios >1.25. It was also a multi panel image with text descriptions, not exactly, but like a manga panel. We don't accept such manga panel images either.
Please read our upload guidelines.