requesting account deactivation/deletion
please deactivate or cancel my account permanently
We don't have the ability to do that. We can only ban people.
What about admin control?
I never understand these requests, especially for an account with no activity.

What are you trying to accomplish by deactivating your account? If you don't want to use it anymore, just don't use it. It won't do anything by itself, so it would be the same as if it were deactivated.

If you think someone else might use it, you can change your password. If you're concerned that you might use the account when you're drunk or something, you could change the password to something random or have us ban the account.
Yeah, when I said "we" I meant everyone in charge including those above us. We literally can't just delete accounts.
Didn't think that there needed to be an understanding to have an account deleted.
It was such a simple question, doesn't hurt people to ask xD
Was going to see if it was able to be deleted before hand cause otherwise I just don't like my email to be connected to something I don't care to use anymore. Only used to for picture ideas for characters in things.

Anywho, thanks for telling me regardless that it's impossible, otaku_emmy. Ciao and have a nice Holiday.~
You can take your email off your account I think. The only time they were ever used was back when we were doing the contests.

You can remove it in settings if that's your only concern.
There's a setting that allows you to receive an email when you receive a dmail. That should be all the email is ever used for, aside from special cases like password reset. As long as you have that setting off, you won't receive any emails.

But if it bothers you, go ahead and remove your email address.