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Dumb question about tags (game_cg)
Why some tags seems to be consored ?
it's like some pages is like empty
is it like "premium" mambers? or it's just consored 18+ ?
Japanese law requires all pornographic media such as erotic visual novels and live action porn to be censored. Even a lot of the lewd art that people make on their own and post to sites like Pixiv are censored.

However, nudity patches do exist for certain games. Other times a skilled Photoshopper will change the image so that it is no longer censored.

Explicit images are not displayed on at all, so that might have something to do with it? Otherwise, if you have no tags in your blacklist everything should show up normally.
nopoison - your ip address originates from Russia.

Ваш IP (диапазон - адрес показывает, что вы находитесь в России. заблокирован Роскомназором, можно только просматривать который отображает только сейф для изображений работы. Ранее вы зайтли в Лондон, когда не заблокирован.

[Your IP (range - address indicates that you are in Russia. is blocked by Roskomnadzor, you can only view showing only safe for work images. Previously, you signed on from London when not blocked.]
irrefragable answers
With that, I shall close this thread.

Also thanks for teaching me a new word, stranger.