Firefox was already going downhill long before it was scheduled to become trash last November. So 16 months ago I replaced it with Firefox ESR. And 12 months ago I started evaluating alternatives such as Pale Moon which I eventually decided to go with. But I kept putting off migrating everything to Pale Moon and continued to use Firefox ESR as my primary browser.

I recently mentioned that an update to this site's code had crippled a number of my user scripts. But given my recent poor internet connection that would make troubleshooting difficult and my list of higher priorities, I've been putting off looking into it. But while migrating to Pale Moon today, I found that those user scripts still work in Chrome and Pale Moon.

I don't know if the problem is specific to the Firefox ESR release or not. But I don't really want to have anything more to do with Firefox. So I'm currently not planning to look into it...

If anyone is having trouble with the Avatar Storage script in Firefox and needs to export the storage without the ability to click on the export link. Here's how to do it: