crapposter said:
I think firefox started to sacrifice memory for speed, which is fine for some people. It's also able to use multiple cores now, apparently. It didn't always use to be like this.
Unfortunately firefox did not achieve its "goal". Many videos on youtube, not even full screen, are unplayable on my computer through firefox. If I download them, they play just fine in VLC player. We have fast internet, fast enough to support HD IP TV. The youtube videos play fine on our Server computer which has an Icore 7, 16 Gb of memory, running full HDTV resolution. SO it is not internet bandwidth and it is not that my machine cannot play these videos, it is that Firefox just plain squanders memory and processor resources without any benefit. Poor design, poor coding. For all the complaints about flashplayer, It worked, I could play these videos on my machine with flashplayer. Part of the problem is that Firefox is written in Java, not C.