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phishing/spam emails - forbidden?
I have a question. I recieved the following mail:

Sent by kathleen8b603 5 months ago
sex record from my webcam here ""
(without the quotationmarks)

since this is obviously a spam/phishing email, I wonder whether or not one should just ignore these mails, since the user could just create new accounts when the old ones get banned, or bann them for the sake of banning them - or whether writing these mails is even punishable at all.
I was also unable to find a tool that would enable me to report users. Is this just how it goes here? As in: the moderators will deal with problematic users as they spot them, no need for normal users to report them.
Or would such a tool be usefull.

Have a nice day (night?),
I just banned them/it for 90 days.

If anyone ever has issues with dmail spam they should report it so that the user can be banned. We just don't have a formal process for it.