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I can't see all pictures and NOT on .net konachan
Saw previous post about vs. (, but that's not my problem, things are hidden despite being on the right site.
from this page:

Just above the word Tags on the left side of the screen, you should see

Hidden Posts 0

If there are hidden posts, then that number will be non-zero. If that is the case check your blacklist. You will find your black list under my account: settings. Remove any tags you do not wish to be black listed (Hidden). If there are no black listed tags, Then I have not a clue...

BTW: You should be logging in with, not http://.....
No hidden posts listed, they're simply not there. I've included a screenshot. I just made this account, it was doing this when I wasn't logged in, too.
The part you censored out of your search is the problem. We don't allow allow explicit content of that nature. You'll have to go to another booru for that.
That makes sense, but why's it say there are 17 pages, then?
Even though it's currently banned here, people still upload some from time to time. However, it's automatically hidden. Should this site ever lift the ban, we have a mere 18 pages that would become available.