I have not dug that far in to the API yet lol I not sure a desktop app would need a forum option but same time I guess a forum viewer option could be added, since I have no way to really protect the user I wouldn't ever offer them means to login and edit I would rather just include a browser to they can do that them selves via the site.

Thanks tho all of this has been fuel for thought.

I could add a option that checks for notes and comments if the user requests it, if you look at the kingfisheranime https://imgur.com/a/f6six

You can see you have the image then collect and tags, so what I could do is maybe add a new option in that list, calling it something like more information or details, where it can request the comments and notes api without having two api calls when we call the image list(posts).

I will also be playing with style I wanted to play with a more matrix like green and black style in the future but for now I made them brown's and coffee colours basked on my name for it Koffee, but I might add just a few extra theme options later so users can pick there own.