Cade said:
You're pushing your luck on this forum.
Why, for sharing an amusing anecdote?

I didn't come here to make enemies, just tried to fit in and make some new fellow, anime loving friends, but it's clear that isn't likely to happen. I've received not one welcoming greeting, just outright negativity.

There is no topic for new members to introduce themselves, and be welcomed by existing members ... rare for forums like these. Why?

On the other hand, since arriving I've been told my art was sub-par (ouch!) and that one of my posts featured explicit loli ... in spite of the fact it's clear that Konachan has lots of questionable stuff, eg ...

Cade ... If you didn't like my funny story, feel free to delete this topic.. just don't make such a dramatic and threatening big deal about it!

... and while you're at it, please DELETE my account, or permanently ban me, either way I don't care. I don't feel welcome here and do NOT wish to stay. I sincerely promise never to bother you again.

I will continue to follow Konachan, only as not a member. I wish you all the best for the future and hopefully my quote of the day topic (my only legacy) will continue as a way by which members may inspire one another.