eclimial said:
On the other hand, since arriving I've been told my art was sub-par (ouch!) and that one of my posts featured explicit loli ... in spite of the fact it's clear that Konachan has lots of questionable stuff, eg ...
Once you read the Upload Guidelines and Image Quality Evaluation pages, you should understand what kind of a site we are and what we allow. This isn't a site like pixiv or deviantArt for artists to upload their art. Please just think of "Subpar art" as a simple way of saying, "You're not quite ready to work for a major Japanese animation studio, but you will get there if you don't give up".

Here are a couple recent posts that didn't make the cut: 265053, 265056. If you can draw a fair bit better than this, you can expect to see your art here (properly tagged with your name) even if you don't upload it here yourself.

eclimial said:
Cade said:
You're pushing your luck on this forum.
Why, for sharing an amusing anecdote?
Cade ... If you didn't like my funny story, feel free to delete this topic.. just don't make such a dramatic and threatening big deal about it!

... and while you're at it, please DELETE my account, or permanently ban me, either way I don't care. I don't feel welcome here and do NOT wish to stay. I sincerely promise never to bother you again.
... This one short sentence was all that Cade said? Nothing was deleted? ... Only one person seems to be being dramatic here and it isn't Cade.

Cade can be quite insulting at times, but that really doesn't seem to be the case this time. I simply took what he said to mean that he doesn't think this topic would get any use. And I would have to agree with that. Certainly, there were no on-topic posts here aside from the opening post.

At times, you will see posts befitting this topic in the "How was your day?" topic or the Friendly Topic, but nowhere near enough of them to support their own topic. And those two forum topics are well suited for those occasional stories.