StahnAileron said:
Ah, I remember that image. I didn't touch it for the very reason Sci explained. The outline isn't uniform and looks like a poor erase job via layers.

If it was supposed to portray an outline/halo look, it didn't work very well.

Keep in mind uploading your own work isn't looked upon very kindly here (this is not a publication site, like say DeviantArt or Pixiv) unless others have uploaded your works before (and they have been approved) and/or your work is high quality to begin with (very subjective...But you have to live with that fact.)

If you're unsure of the quality of you work, post it on another site for criticism before uploading it here. (This will just help keep the approval queue and the DB a bit neater.)
Hm ok thanks for the information.
I have this picture on my computer as a PSD-file (Photoshop Elements...),
so I can edit it and take the white outline away. Can I post
it again, without risking a ban`?

For example this post from me:
Here I removed the white outlines and made it so,
that it lokks like one picture...