Kiho said:
Actually, Disney refused Only Yesterday because it thought the part where the little girls discussed menstruation was too racy for a Disney Movie at that time. The British company then picked up the film.
Thank you Kiho, I checked and your absolutely correct, I should have checked my facts before I posted, sorry 'bout that.

Even though I'm not from the US, John Lassiter (head of Pixar, also a Disney company) is a hero for me as he was instrumental in bringing Ghibli to the West and arranging great dubs and excellent translations.

Lassiter is a great friend of Miyazaki, and sort of worships him. LOL

If it's permisable, I would love to share a few, very short documentaries about the dubing from Japanese to English, which featue an increble array of actors that show real respect for Miyazaki san.

1. The making of Spirited Way (watch part 2 also)

2. The making of Porko Rosso

3. The making of Totoro

4. The making of Ponyo

5. The Making of Nausicaa

6. The Making of Castle In The Sky

7. Interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

And finally a beautiiful tribute