I often dream about my son, in reality he is now grown up with a lovely wife and three beautiful kids, but in my dreams he always appears as a young child, and I'm protecting him. I then feel so uncomfortable, and panic sets in.

I guess it comes down to the fact that for many years I was a single male parent, and my son was often bullied at school. Sometimes the dreams are pleasant and lovely, but many times transcend into horrific nightmares, where someone is trying to kill him.

At the end of my dream, when I wake up, often covered in sweat. I then, in my awakening, take few moments to deeply consider the dream ... my last recollection is covering him and taking the imaginary gun shot or knife wounds upon myself, allowing him to escape, however me dying. .

It's horrible, but also comforting, because in that waking moment, I get out of bed and after a nice drink of milk and a toilet break, I return to my bed and am reassured, that even though I had my faults, I was always a good caring Dad. I then fall back into a wonderful, dreamless sleep.