Has anyone had weird, semi erotic dreams about anime characters?

I must admit I've had a few, but most are to bizarre to remember the details.

There is one however that sticks in my mind, a recent one.

In an amazing anime world I was in bed with my anime crush Eclair, suddenly a voice came into my head saying "she is not real" then both the voice and Eclair vanished. I was then drowning in a river called 'reality' and was born into my current existence, in what was now my real world. I realized that I would only return to the that wonderful anime world when I had lived out my miserable life and finally died and returned to anime heaven.

On waking I was upset, but then I thought OMG that would make a great manga!

So then I fell back to sleep, and dreamed that I was trying to sort out the details of the dream and trying to make the manga, (which I have no experience in doing) it was a freaking nightmare, I couldn't make sense of it at all, so frustrating.