otaku_emmy said:
I love real guys more than drawn ones.
That is a valid point, but only in reality! Dreams are a different matter.

In your dream, what you define as a real guy is still not real. He is subject to your fantasy, and based your imagination, yes?

What then separates him from what is drawn and your perception of a real guy, he still the result of your sub conscience dream state.

If you consider a dream as an alternative reality, is what you define as a real person distinguishably different from say, an anime character? Is the anime sexually desirable person of our lust any less real?

Much art is based on what the artist imagines and what they dream, not what they see. Otherwise many of the erotic artistic works on Konachan would not exist! The real guy you see in your dreams is no more real than Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach!

In our dreams, anything is possible, but in our waking moments something tells us our dream was not real, whether the characters are lifelike or not. In our dreams we make our own realities, whether they be nightmares or orgasmic sexual experiences!