...Well...I meant...that the people I dream about are actual real human beings with real names and physical bodies. They're not imaginary people my mind created for me in my sleep. So it's not based on my own imagination. The only reason I CAN see them in my dream is because they're real and I've looked at them long enough to conjure them in my mind.

There are anime guys that I like, sure, but I've never "loved" an anime character as much as I've "loved" a real man.

Even then I can't imagine the people that I like doing things to me because I know they really wouldn't. I find it to be disrespectful. So if I have a crush on someone I don't put them in sexual situations with me in my head. Even in my dreams, if I have a wet dream, it's because I've simply been masturbating in the dream as opposed to actually being with someone.

I dream about being with women sometimes too. I've dreamt about being a man and having sex with women at least once.