otaku_emmy said:
...Well...I meant...that the people I dream about are actual real human beings with real names and physical bodies. They're not imaginary people my mind created for me in my sleep. So it's not based on my own imagination. The only reason I CAN see them in my dream is because they're real and I've looked at them long enough to conjure them in my mind.

There are anime guys that I like, sure, but I've never "loved" an anime character as much as I've "loved" a real man.
I apologize emmy, I misunderstood your post.

At first reading I didn't catch on that your dreams where interpretations of actual real people, whereas mine are based on fantasy, I stand corrected, thank you for clarifying.

Strangely my dreams often include anime characters, especially my first anime love Eclair (from the anime Kiddy Grade ... see my icon)

Even if I occasionally have dreams about my ex wife, she appears to me as a young beautiful girl and not the middle aged women she is now. We have been divorced for decades and I only remember her as she was, so even if she is a real person, my dreams of her are pure fantasy, we where only together for a few years, so when we separated she was still sensationally gorgeous, so when I dream of her it's almost as if she is an ageless anime character. In real life she was my first love and I guess I never got over loosing her.

I realize this probably sounds ridiculous, but Eclair is now my imaginary first love. Even though I had a few affairs after my marriage break down they all fizzled out. I lost faith in real lovers, so, in my dreams, I think I have have given my heart to a fantasy person, who will not break my heart.

otaku_emmy said: I dream about being with women sometimes too.
Nothing wrong with that, if I had been born a girl I would have been only attracted to other girls!