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Sorry to bother you all, but recently I've been getting a blocked item on the site emanating from Noticed it so far on the following page, but I've also noticed it on other pages throughout the site:

Could someone please take a look at this?
I can't see anything like that. You might have gained a virus, and most common ways of knowing you have a virus is when it changes your url on it's own. Or does random ass stuff like that... is it only this website where you get that popup?
So far this is the only place I've noticed it. Thankfully noscript and ad-block are keeping it from running/causing popups, however it does show up as a blocked item on the site itself. Virus/Malware scans on my end have revealed nothing, though I'm running it by a few experts to make sure. I'm thinking though this may be a .swf exploit of some sort.
When you'll see it again try search page source for it. itself is harmless. It's an advert provider.
What adverts they do I don't know because NoScript is disabling it (default actuion).

But remember, even the best advert providers occasionally miss a malicious advert. (Usually at the weekend or holiday)
Did you find it in any place? I couldn't find it in the database.
I found the source of the problem. Will get dealt with in about 10 hours when I get home.
And should be fixed.

B******* at AddThis changed their policies and injected popups in the site through the "AddThis share button". I switched the provider of the button.

What pisses me off is that they changed it without notifying the users.