Had an adventurous dream last night

Got released from hospital (have no clue why I was there) but I needed to get home, and my car was not there so I hitched a ride with beautiful blonde lady with two kids in the back of the car and she drove me up a very steep hill, I still had a long way to go but this was as far as she could take me. Got out of her car but she was now a middle aged lady. Huh?

Now, needing to get back to my home by the sea with my shopping trolley (WTF where did that come from?) I proceeded to descend down a perilous narrow path down what now had become a mountain with sheer cliffs, to dangerous, so I backed up. I then decided to thow the shopping trolley over the edge.

Now I was in a huge shopping mall with three friends (never seen them before) but we got separated and all I could think was to buy some bread and make us some ham sandwiches, but couldn't find my wallet, so I tried making a kebab (with extra tomatoes) but it was to thin, then the guy in the restaurant made me another one, it was delicious!

At this point I actually woke up, feeling very hungry, and craving a kebab, but it was 2am in the morning, so I settled for glass of milk and a glass of wine to settle my frazzled mind, realizing I wouldn't get back to sleep, turned on my PC and watched some anime!

Freaking dreams!! LOL