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Need to learn music in shortest time possible?

Is this the right place to ask for advice to learn musics like this?
I have Xkey as my tool, the only thing closest to a real piano.
I also play violin, melodica, and looking to get a xaphoon and trumpet.

But basically piano is the goal.

How do one practice/play so i can play...say, any jrock and jpop songs by ear
using all my fingers in any styles and genre possible?
Something that looks professional and includes all the notes without sounding off and weird.

The music above will be my reference.

As we only have one musician on the site (that I know of) and he doesn't actively participate in the forums or work for free, I'd have to say this ISN'T the right place to learn to play anything at all.

Here's an article I found though, if that'll help:

i dont guitar.

what about finger fluidity and precision?
I figured that article could be a general guide.

Ah, here we go. Try this:
i dont know how to use the circle of fifths or even the music theory chords etc.

is there something simpler?

i just want to play precise and fluid.

Mod Edit: more stuff i want to emulate

the logic is if i can play precisely,
i can scale them to play any other songs.
like medley
I don't know then, sweetie. Sorry I can't really help. :T
ok thx, do you think it is alright to ask for piano play critiques/comments here?

i am outta choices now
I'd try joining a community that's actually for musicians and not...a wallpaper site.