I mostly use OKC but the women I match with are dissapointing at best. Lately I've been matching with a set of women who are community college dropouts working retail with no plans on bettering their lives. A few months ago I was only matching with some level of physical disability (epilepsy, cerebral palsey, one girl who was in pain due to touch, etc).
I'm also terrible at flirting and texting in general so if we don't meet up within a week of texting they're going to get bored. If we do meet they get hooked because I am much more charasmatic in person, but that's also where I learn how they're terribly flawed.

My problem with meeting women in real life is that, outside of anime cons, I don't see them. I'm an electrical engineer / software developer with hobbies of board games and video games. Both of which are massively male dominated fields.