I don't recommend dating services, but if you choose to use one, remember, you never get more than you paid for. Any service that does not do an in-office, in-person interview is not worth your time and money. The inteview screens out trolls, deviants, and people not serious enough to make the effort.

I would recommend that if you want to meet cool people, join a club or take classes in activities for which you have an interest or an activity that you might like to participate in with a girlfriend - whether some kind of outdoor activity such as hiking or bike riding or perhaps dance, choir, learning to play an instrument or cooking (go tell Soma of shokugeki_no_soma that cooking in not serious :). Well it is a very useful life skill :)

Remember that even in a male dominated club, guys have sisters...who are also looking for boyfriends :)

Consider joining a gym, the gym I regularly attend has as many girls working out as guys (of all figures), and at times I have to wait for a machine to open. How to start a conversation? Ask for advice in how to properly do an exercise, join one of the workout sessions....Ask someone if they will do an exercise challenge as motivation (many people would appreciate the motivation - it is hard to just do sets of exercises alone. At any rate, even a gym only friend will help you continue...and a good physic will not hurt your quest.

Finally consider taking up a martial art such as Judo, BJJ, Karate, even boxing.....at my gym, 4 out of 12 people in the boxing class are girls. Many girls do boxing for the aerobic workout and don't actually fight. If you take a martial art up seriously, you will make some really, really cool friends from a amazingly wide variety of professions and backgrounds.....you will build confidence....and it will not take long before you have a really enviable physic......that will attract what you seek :) And btw, I would not challenge my wife...even though I am pretty good at Judo, she would kick my butt as soon as we got to the floor!...After getting seriously into BJJ 2 years ago, she went from 85kg to 62kg.....and btw she has a PhD in Signal processing, a couple of dozen patents....she can cook (so can I) and don't ever try to take her back ;)

Good luck!