How long are you on Konachan ?
I have been a member for almost ten years. (Join Date 2009-03-05 ). How time flies. How long have you been here?
Looks like I've been here a little over 6 years now. Kinda crazy. Some if not most, of my oldest friends are/were regulars on this site. I never imagined this place would have had such a humongous impact on my life when I signed up.
Holy fuck. It's coming up seven years for me. Not counting the time I spent here before I made an actual account.

Day 8 of last week did 3 years.
11 years. Feeling really old when i see that some of my oldest internet accounts are getting close to 20 years.
my account is gonna turn 4 years old on April 6th 2019 so I'm almost at 4 years
I did the survey like 4 years ago. I can share that once I'm sober
traz64 said:
I did the survey like 4 years ago. I can share that once I'm sober
Plot twist, Traz is never sober.
TommyGunn said:
Plot twist, Traz is never sober.
I was at Katsucon so yeah, just sobering up now.
Been here for about 10 months, still feel like a newbie.
Close to 10, I guess.
I think Konachan and YouTube are the only two sites I've been using continuously for a long time.

I would put G+ in that group too, but they're closing it down in less than two months.

I'm really in to Instagram now and I use that a lot, but I resisted joining for a really, really long time. I haven't been using it for very long in comparison.
Discord is the only online site I use these days to be honest. I still log in here every day, several times a day in fact, but a lot of the people I used to come here for have moved on or I keep in touch with them other ways.
Now that I think about it, I only joined Konachan because I wanted to run my mouth (can't comment without an account).

Funny how that's a pattern with me.
9 years here. From lurker to uploader to moderator and back to lurker. Although I spend more time on games now, it's still fun to watch anime and look around the site from time to time.
"Congratulations! You've advanced from Lurker to Moderator!"
"Congratulations! You've advanced from Moderator to Lurker-Mod!"
Coincidentally, tomorrow will be 8 years.
Compared to 6/10 years I'm just a little baby. It's been 2 years now.
But I used the site, even when I wasn't a member here, for some references.. Wonder how long it was then.
*1 1/2 years for you, battle queen. Don’t be making me feel old, okayyy? 😂😂😂
2015... you're so young, mattiasc.
Well, I'm sure you are much younger than me in reallife. ^^
Mattias is our lil gay babby.
Oh god why do u ask that,
i feel now like a grandpa,
anyway it's been like 8 years to me i remember how my old school days was with konachan and youtube, looking for music and anime wallpapers, i feel on home here.
i love anime culture.
Oh, you've been here that long? I don't even remember seeing you around until recently.
otaku_emmy said:
Oh, you've been here that long? I don't even remember seeing you around until recently.
i been outside of the comments and post, but i already saw many changes here, I'm happy to see how big is this site now, and always glad to see old faces around maybe they don't know who im, but i know who are who
I can't even imagine how many users this site has. Like, people who actually visit every day.

This place has always seemed so small and cozy to me compared to other boards and online forums.
if you mean like knowing this site its 5 years or if you mean having account its going to be 1 month (sorry for mine bad english) :)
I'll hit the 7-year mark two months from now. I visit daily to browse some images and rate a few, but I don't interact on the forums at all. Except for this time, I guess.
It has been 8 years since i became a member here but it has probably been like 9-10 years since i started coming here for some wallpapers for my collection.

Welcome to the forums @Gameboon.
I don't even remember, 4 years according to my profile but I probably didn't make an account for a while.
My account is still pretty young.
About one and a half year for me.
I think it took me about half a year(?) before i created my account.
The only reasons why i created my account were so that i could favorite things, comment on things and click on a persons name to see what they have been up to.