Dating thread ? x3
Hello everyone. just found this site and it's pretty neat was just hoping to throw a thread like this up so weebs and such can find eachother. also i am not opposed to finding someone either *coughs* <///<
I don't think that'd work at all for us honey. I'm sorry.
Kinda hard to find that someone in this site.
Anyway, good luck to you!
This site isnt all that big for it to have someone from the same city maybe from the same country but i doubt that it has some users from the same city and even if it has some, who is to say they can actually get together? A lot of factors come into play like age, gender, looks, sexual orientation, location within the city (cities can be really big) etc. but i wish you luck to find someone special from this site.
Not only that, but a good deal of our regular users are already in relationships. Some are even married.
Yeah I think Agos or Mattis are the closest to me at like 3 hrs away. That'd be too far even if I were gay and Mattis was legal.
Yeah u were at national harbor like a month ago traz. I was jsut there two days ago.

Anywyas, I don’t need no man. I got it on my own ⭐️ That’s all I gotta say (oh but wouldn’t mind some dick tho)
Hmm I've never really thought of this site as to find somewhere where to date. That being said, there are weeby dating sites! Just Google "anime dating website"