HVDB Invite for Contributors
Illustrations produced for Voice Works are steadily increasing in quality and in number. I have two (2) invites for active contributors who would like to post suitable images here on Kona (and preferably take over from me).

This offer is extended to those who know the rules and how to navigate HVDB and are interested in maintaining an account.

  • Not all works will have a high-quality, textless image included (eg. post #272332, post #281820).
  • Even if the dimensions are the same, the DLsite image sample will have a slight compression in comparison to the version provided in the work (eg. post #280614, post #281922).
  • The illustration artist credits are usually found on the work details page and/or readme.
Dmail me a valid email for generating the invite link.
I think this would be really good for Yume.

I don't upload often enough to feel that I could contribute well enough to this.
I also think it is good for Yume.

I would like to do it as well but i am not really at the contributor lvl here yet and plus i am still a novice when it comes to uploading high quality wallpapers and i can't really upload NSFW wallpapers since my dad doesn't allow me to download or use them even if i am going to delete them afterwards.