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Recently, I posted my first image to this site -- a picture of Io for D.S. ~Dal Segno~. The post was removed for "Upscale". What does this mean? How can I fix it?
The original resolution is 1280x720. That was 1919x1079. It was enlarged. Our bare minimum required resolution is 1000x700, so there was no need for that to be upscaled.

The only way to "fix" it would be to just find the original image and upload that.

Also keep in mind we prefer HD game CGs. Those will be in PNG.
The image I uploaded was taken using the Snipping Tool on the original game, and it was in PNG format. I do not know anything about editing or upscaling pictures. Do you know how the picture might have been upscaled, so I could repost another version without making the same mistake?
kshin5 said:
The image I uploaded was taken using the Snipping Tool on the original game.
Yeah don't do that. the game is adjusting the image to the window size. Grab the image directly from the game's files instead.
I checked VNDB and the game was only released in 1280x720 for PC. It was released in 1920x1080 but only on the PS4 and only in Japan. There's no way that what you uploaded was native resolution.

If you'll click on the copyright tag we have for the game, you'll notice that all the other CGs we have from the game are 1280x720 too.

I don't know where to find the original image, so I can't help you with the repost.

Edit: We also don't approve screenshots, so keep that in mind.