how to report user for malware link dmail
got a message from tarajm1985 that was a tinyurl link used checker on it and it was malware. couldnt fine where to report the dmail or user.

heres the exact wording
"Hi, i'm Tara How I caress myself, look here LINK"
Report to a mod with proof (ss) or something.

Common sense says "do not click on suspicious links". Those that do, probably deserve it.
I got it. Thanks for reporting it.
I assume that dmail is at least 5 days old. If not, let me know.
I don't know what's caused the recent surge in spammers and scammers. It's easy enough to manage, I suppose, but it's still pretty annoying.
There are only 2. This one seems to have given up after having only one IP blocked 5 days ago.

The other has a dynamic IP account with Korea Telecom in Goyang, Kyonggi-do, Korea. I've blocked most of the IP ranges he's using and I'll refine those based on the next few accounts. He shouldn't last much longer.
Zolxys said:
He shouldn't last much longer.
otaku_emmy said:
I would like to report otaku_emmy for a suspicious link.
I used my eyes on it and it looked like a gif.

Who should i contact about this matter?
Ain't nothin' suss about my admiration for my senior.