Program to mass download images by tag (interested?)
Hello Konachan users! I have created a program that will scan every post on konachan and compare tags, so it downloads every tag you have listed. This was made for, uhhh, education purposes. Right now it runs relatively slow, but I know of ways I could improve performance dramatically, however, before I spent the time doing all of this for something that I don't feel is worth my time, I was wondering if people would be interested in something like this? It would allow for you to create a folder and give it a tag of Scenery, then you could set your wallpaper to pick random images from it. Just a thought, though if I did create the program for others to run it would take a bit more work. Let me know if you guys are interested in something like this!
While your project is admirable in its own right, and I've tried several ones that appeared throughout the years, Img Grabber remains my choice for such tasks. It's been around for years (whenever some changes were carried out for any website, say Konachan, the source would get an update almost immediately) and it includes a few dozen websites, Konachan being one of them. It even includes nhentai as a source (hehe).

It's versatile and it supports the three major operating systems, which is of particular importance for me since I use Linux most of the time.