otaku_emmy said:
I saw people going back and forth about how 720p is still technically HD and YouTube can't decide the standards for that.
It's not like they're calling it something it isn't though. "720" should be clear enough a description even without being tagged HD.

The term "HD" can be used in a number of ways. If you see "Full HD", "Quad HD" or "UHD", those refer to one or more specific resolutions. And which ones they refer to will absolutely never change. Though it's also a term people use to simply refer to anything of acceptable quality to them, whatever that may be. (It's not like there's any other common term tor that).

I'd say this is especially the case when you see it added as a tag next to a specific resolution designation. Can you think of something better to use if you're only going to tag 1080 and higher?

otaku_emmy said:
Hm. You must be older than I thought.
39. My first computer had a 640x480 monitor (256 colors) and ran DOS and Windows 3.0.