Charly said:
Okay? Mind filling me in?

Okay, I'm younger than you (by one year) but I beat you when it comes to old hard- and software :) The first computer I regularly got a hand on ran on DOS 4.01, Win 2.1 and used Hercules Graphics. What was that? 720x200 or 720x400? It was monochrome, though.
I got you all beat....the first computer I worked on was a PDP11/03 with 8 inch floppies - the monitor was an RS-232 Terminal, we had both a DEC writer for hard copy and a VT100 Terminal.....We also had a PDP-7 which ran "Space wars" on a vector display. It was a right of passage to make your own game console controller - it had 4 switches: thruster, turn right, turn left and Fire.