Zolxys said:
You had originally said you use two routers. Now I see you only use one.
I thought that modem and router were the same thing, yesterday researching some things I saw that it was different, so I started using modem, my mistake.

The image shows you forwarding the port to Double check what IP your forwarding rules are set for and double check what your local IP is. If you're forwarding the ports to the wrong IP, then it would never work even with UPnP or NAT-PMP or DMZ.

BTW, I'd advise against using DMZ in your case.
That day was correct, every time I try, I assign another static IP.

A) As mentioned above, make sure you aren't forwarding the ports to the wrong IP.

As soon as I finish uploading here, I'll reset the modem and try and update here.