B) Try a different random port in uTorrent. Don't forward any ports or set any rules. Just let UPnP handle that and see if it works right with another port.
I deleted the rules at the firewall and reset the router, the random port is 36550,

C) Forward a random port to your computer (one that you have NOT used with uTorrent). Also, open Windows Firewall and create incoming rules to allow that port. Then go to an online port checker to see if the port is open.
If the port isn't open, then either:
a) You messed up somewhere
b) You have another firewall installed
c) Your router is broken and won't acknowledge the port forwarding rules
d) Your ISP is blocking most or all ports (I've heard of that happening before)
I also consider this possibility, but I did it before and it worked, I wonder what went wrong.

I use the Windows 7 firewall, could that be it ?, the support for windows 7 is over

I'll try one last time the other D-link router

It could be that, but when I call for technical assistance, they say they don't know what I'm talking about, although this technical assistance as much as they say is, unplug the modem for 1 minute and try again.

D) I see in one of your screenshots that your connection to your ISP uses PPPoE. That means your router needs a username and password in order to connect. If you know the username and password (and the Gateway IP for your ISP), you can try a factory reset for your router.

NOTE: The Gateway IP you will need for your ISP does NOT start with "192.168.0".
Ok, I'll try with the other router too

You can use the DNS server your ISP provides, or you can just use or
I put it

E) Find someone local who can come over and check it out in person.
I know a person who maybe knows how to solve it, I'll speak on whatsapp, he lives far away.

Actually, I took for granted that you set up your computer correctly to use a static IP. Though, if you still have trouble, I should look at your IPv4 settings as well.