fakersome said:
Where can I found the 2018 siterip of the konachan's download links? And who have finished all the works about store all the wallpapers?
I have finished the collection of konachan wallpapers in 2018-2019, and I have temporarily uploaded them to the Internet Archive. Because of the collection problem, you have to download the wallpapers for a whole year, which is just a temporary version. Internet Archives will limit the speed of documents, and if necessary, download tools can be used.

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Konachan.com Siterip Links 2018: Year 2018
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You must use its client and you must have a Baidu netdisk account
If you are willing to pay 3.3 euros to purchase its Svip, you will not be subject to its speed limit, but maybe you need a Alipay account to pay for its Svip.
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