otaku_emmy said:
Oh you can fall in love with anyone.
But wouldn't that be just infatuation and not love? (if it's someone on TV and you've never spoken a word to them)

Like... I guess I could understand internet love, but he in TV boo.

Different things, but it's either I'm looking for him because I want to be with him or I am already with him.
Maybe you need someone who's just like him and has his personality in this life. Ain't he like intellectual or something? *Looks for a smarty pants guy/gal for emmy*

But apparently he supports Trump. Or at least it says that in wikipedia.

They fucked Sam and his friends over in 2016.

The only thing I watch on Adult Swim now is Rick and Morty.
Why did they do that? I mean write something called "How to Bomb the U.S. Gov't" in 2016 according to wikipeida.

And Rick Morty is for little kids