What is the last book you read?
I just finished Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad
Pretty decent book to help lead up with the game ghat comes out in November. The story has some issues, but I enjoyed it overall
The last book I read was probably a manual or something.
Currently starting to read "The Catcher in the Rye". Hope to finish it in less than a week. See you then ...

Edit: Pretty good book, just describes struggles of a teen, his hate of the world and people surrounding. Note that the book does not have a clear objective or end goal and leaves everything up to the reader to think about.
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They are, but most of the replies they make are kinda normal. I think they edit in the essay parts afterwards. It's why it's hard to notice sometimes.
Reading again "the vampire Armand".
My favourite of the vampire chronicles so far.

I love erotic fantasy stories....hrhr.
Read Randall Munroe's (XKCD) "What If". Pretty good.
The last one is call of cthulhu.
I can`t recommend it to be honest, too much useless chapters in it.
I gave up reading it in the middle and started playing games

Now I am reading The Irishman, going well
But I think that is a last fiction book, next ones will be developmental and scientific books.
I've been trying to get through "My Years With General Motors" but it is too fucking dry. I also feel that his writing about money reflects the fact that he was a rich kid with no troubles getting what he wants too much to be helpful or relatable to a commoner such as myself.
Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions.
My actual book is "Darkest Blackout". Number 6 of a series. It's about two singer, one electro music the other metal - who gets in a complicated gay relationship.
The last book I read was The Green King by Paul Lou Solitsera
I have a lot of unfinished books lying around, but the last ones I actually had open were the Bible and Ernst Jünger's "On the marble cliffs". For some reason, I excitingly buy books only to never actually finish reading them
You know philosophy book is going to be bomb when the author is positive about his 20 year addiction to opioids.