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Are all VG Wallpapers allowed?
I see that Final Fantasy debutes on here, so I was wondering... would it be alright to add Legacy of Kain wallpapers? If yes, are all video games okay?
Okay then, there should be another sister site to this one that allows all video games as well. One could find some truly epic wallpaper is there were, or is everybody else just on here for the porn?
No need to be sulky. I think people are here because there is something like quality control on this site ;)
anime related wallpapers are allowed. anime style too.
3d is discussable. not approved posts are deleted periodically.

upd: avg. mod answer time - 30 min :)
Alright, sorry for freakin' out, but still, I would like a site that I can browse with my little bro and sis to find good background pics, and with over half of the pics being nudies on here, that won't happen, at least not here. is safe for even the little ones, and theres more rated:s images here then rated:e.

Odd it appears to be down?
It is. Wait for Shuugo free time slot.