otaku_emmy said:

Like, making a game look graphically impressive doesn't and shouldn't make up for it having a wack-ass story and being so inconsistent.
You'd be surprised how many games and series try to get away with that. I've recently watched Star Trek Discovery's third season. Rather than having a logical plot to follow, they really tried to hammer down on using emotional story beats for added drama. But the point is, none of those beats hit home, at least for me, because the underlying plot is non-existent to begin with. It's too nonsensical to take seriously. And all too often things happen way too conveniently to be believable. Rather than giving foreshadowing or build-up, something unexpected happens and they try to explain it away in the moment itself. Which... really does not work well.

More on the games side of things - I've recently gotten into watching Age of Empires II gameplay matches. I would say that I am not at all into e-sports, but somehow it's really been attracting my attention lately.