Image search
Who else noticed the image search page is down? Will she come back again? Or are there still alternatives where you can search with images on image boards? The site was actually always good when looking for sources and tags.
I use saucenao, and it works pretty well. Arsy mentioned something about reverse image searches being tampered with and leading to CP, so that might have something to do with it? I don't know for sure though. I've never heard of the site you just mentioned.I

Edit: Yeah it was that website. Someone somehow added...child abuse materials to the database the search engine draws from.
TLDR version: The Children something something Authority (I think?) which checks websites for anything related to child... you know, yeah, that, have a bot that automatically checks websites (it's a bot). But when their bot checks "search engine" websites it appears to be uploading "samples".
As it were, this generates thumbnails which are saved, for a time (usually thumbnails are saved for 24h), in their database. This in turn makes the bot flag them (the website), thus making them receive notices from their hosting providers which are legaly obliged to take down their websites if nothing is done about whatever is "wrong". This also happens with Google and whatever, but they're big badies in the big game so they can shrug it off as if it were dust in the rain. Not small websites like saucenao and iqdb though.

As any government body or whatever it is, they are utterly incompetent shitstains and even when presented with proof that it's their bot at fault, and told by multiple parties, they do nothing.

So for now it's down until the shitstains get their brooms out of their rectum and do something about their incompetent bot.
So yeah I have no idea about anything.