Tensa said:
The first issue is a no brainer. It has been dealt with. If the tagging system is fixed, then the 0 image tag should disappear in a couple of months.

The second issue is more a missunderstanding. 「本家」 means "birthplace", "origin" and by extension "original". This is not to be mistaken with ORIGINAL design/art. That tag is written in katakana as 「オリジナル」. On the other hand, "honke" means "the creator" as a lot of the images are drawn by the character designer, riichu. I believe this should be known by uploaders. It should be fixed now.
Thank you ~

otaku_emmy said:
Oh, whoops. I forget to address this.

It WAS my understanding that those girls were initially Riichu's original creations. They were incorporated officially into the game awhile after.
I remember that when Le Téméraire arrived at the game, riichu already had many images of her and even sold illustrations, I don't remember the reason but I think his the only artist who make many drew of his own characters from the beginning