Pool: Partial Animal Characters

Though images containing full animal anthropomorphism (furries) are currently banned on Konachan, there are still images adrift in our oceans which have for some reason or another squeezed their way past that moratorium and found themselves a place on the site. This pool is a catalog of such images.

All of the following types of images qualify:
-Images with human characters bearing the limbs of animals, either replacing the standard-issue human parts or in addition to them
-Images with half-human half-animal characters, such as centaurs or lamias (excluding mermaids since they are numerous enough to warrant their own tag)
-Images with humanoid characters that bear animal-like features or some modicum of fur/scales/etc.
-Images that contain full furries but for whatever reason have been processed by the site staff and left undeleted

Please do not add posts to this pool because they contain characters with animal_ears, tails, or wings. =)