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Jan 13 - Konachan's birthday?
rargy said:
Jan 13 - Konachan's birthday?
It's just that it has been 1 year since move to danbooru, konachan is older.
Ah, i had a feeling it was older.
rargy said:
Ah, i had a feeling it was older.
March 2007 for curious people. Checked on an old shimmie backup. At that time it was called
So... this was the first ever post? cool.
Hmmm, haruhi suzumiya got first huh. Well, can't complain about that. Konachan is a wonderful place.
Sorry to bring up such an old post, but I couldn't help but wonder, what was the very first anime image website? I thought it was Danbooru, but you say Kona was older.
I forget where I read it, but it explained it completely.
-Edit- Just noticed I misread BRS comment last time. Not sure what the first anime image board on the internet was called.
So, Nagato was the first post in Konachan?
She's really something.
I don't think this is the first post to this image board, but the first one that was moved here when Shuugo moved the site. (feel like I read that some where here) I guess technically the first to Konachan. But that is all off topic, I think. (would talking about the pictures origin/meaning to the site be considered off-topic? If so, then this whole thread is off-topic) We probably should move this to the forums. Maybe even the one I found were I read that first sentence.
so this is the very first post ...i figured it would have something to do with haruhi, not that its a bad thing
Obviously the system comes first XD.... Well the system interface at least.
This is it, I've seen every post on kona... part of my daily routine was to look at the older posts.
I'm feeling kinda melancholic, and Yuki's emotionless face doesn´t help (and i love the character) -__-
Technically you haven't since there is deleted posts too :P
From what i understand this is the first post while it is not the first post...
This is the first "official" post on, as deleted and removed posts retain their ID for example post #4 was the first post removed (probably because it was "inappropriate" but the ID remains). Post #9 was the first deleted post. Resequencing posts would break many things including references to posts in comments, forum posts, favorites, wikis, help.....
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