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And what the f*** are you looking at xD
Does PAIIS still claim all boxes?
Agos said:
Does PAIIS still claim all boxes?
I try my best to, though I kinda want that guy's shirt more . . .
Haha lol, this guy is funny and scary at the same time, haha his shirt is great *-*
Scary?... I can probably understand funny, but scary? O=w=o
i think thats the face his stomach is making...
Elfengore said:
Oh well that's wath I think ^^'
Never... NEVER...
Something goes here.
I want ... what ever the hall hes on .... 0.0 Definitely has to be some fun stuff xD
Want his shirt. Someone should see if they can buy it online and let us know. I don't know what to put to search for that.
Kyouki said:
i want one too...
Box or shirt?
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