anorith beautifly beedrill black_hair blue_eyes boots burmy butterfree cascoon caterpie combee flowers forest forretress hat heracross hikari_(pokemon) jpeg_artifacts kakuna koki kouki_(pokemon) kricketot ledyba masquerain metapod mikami nincada ninjask nintendo paras parasect pinsir pokemon scarf scizor scyther shedinja shorts shuckle silcoon skirt spinarak surskit tree venomoth venonat vespiquen volbeat water weedle wormadam wurmple yanma yanmega

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Forretress, kakuna, butterfree, wormadam, burmy, silicoon, cascoon, beedrill, ninjask, paras, parasect, nincada, caterpie, weedle, kriketot, venonat, pinsir, scyther, shuckle, surskit, anorith, herracross, scizor, spinerak, metapod, masquerain, yanma, wurmple, ledyba, yanmega, beautifly, volbeat and venomoth :L lmao i was really bored o and this picture is AMAZING!!!! i soo love it and i love the detail youve put into it xD
i love these picture so pretty one <3
VBoy11 said:
I didn't make this.
oh well ... still an epic picture :) oh and vespiquen and combee ... lol i forgot to put them on my list :L
VBoy11 said:
Try making that into a Poke'Rap.
misty would have hated to be there
He forgot combee and vespiquen
Lots of great use of green without loss of defining effect. The detail here is fantastic, but this image creeps me out; basically by the number of Pokemon surrounding them; somehow I've always imagined Pokemon were just moments away from figuring out that humans manipulate and basically enslave them, and then they kill all humankind...I just couldn't ever buy in to the whole, ownership gives Pokemon a purpose thing...Sorry if I offended anyone's vision of it...
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