blue_eyes dangan-ronpa dark_matou_sakura el_(sound_horizon) fate_(series) fate/stay_night fukawa_touko gasai_yuno hatori_piyoko matou_sakura mirai_nikki misono_mayu red_eyes school_uniform shingetsutan_tsukihime sound_horizon tohno_akiha usotsuki_mii-kun_to_kowareta_maa-chan

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This is so cute but really twisted.

And man, I was so freaked out when I started to scroll down and see a bleeding finger and an axe full of blood, at least that was a bit tolerating, until after a few minutes and I started to notice the other girl's legs full of blood. Q_Q

I suddenly rubbed my own legs lol.
Yandere spree of some sorts?
Anything that contains Yuno is awsome :3 why? Because Mirai Nikki is the #1 most fucked up anime/ manga ever... in a good way that is.
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