animal bartholomew_kuma bear bepo black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair boa_hancock borsalino_(kizaru) breasts buggy_the_clown cape cigarette cleavage daz_bones donquixote_doflamingo dracule_mihawk edward_newgate emporio_ivankov flower_sword_vista galdino gecko_moria glasses hat helmeppo inazuma_(one_piece) jimbei jozu kobi kuzan_(aokiji) long_hair male marco marshall_d_teach meta_gun monkey_d_garp monkey_d_luffy necklace one_piece portgas_d_ace red_hair sakazuki_(akainu) salome_(one_piece) scar sengoku_(one_piece) sentoumaru shanks short_hair sir_crocodile smoker_(one_piece) suit sunglasses sword tashigi tattoo trafalgar_law weapon white_hair yellow_eyes

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All is fine, except Luffy's face =/
His face is fine, it's the neck that's the problem.
the pic is wry coll... only one thing... Black beard were having tremor power in left arme... not in right... =_=
MonstrO's "Anchors Up!" is the first thing that comes to mind as I lay my eyes on this epic piece
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