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Did she wet herself?! That's something you don't see often here.
Another raped table... or maybe that is cola? :)
Btw she's so sexy here...
Necrogodomega said:
Did she wet herself?! That's something you don't see often here.
She's wearing a swimsuit. Take a wild guess how her rump got wet. Perverts. (-_-)
Most people don't care to consult the almighty lord "Logic" to figure out things such as why she's wet with a swimsuit on.
Though, you see, it's all in her crotch area... And her body doesn't appear to be wet. So, that could rise some perverted thoughts.
she is also sitting RIGHT on the edge of the table...
Plus she is kinda hiding it.
it's obvious that she simply spilled cola on someone's favorite desk and is hiding it by sitting on that spot.
perverts. xD
personguy said:
perverts. xD
The only pervert is the person who thinks other would think of such a thing.
Hmm.. I wouldn't say that. I'm fairly certain I am a big pervert. I'm just not about to show that. And since nobody I know will see this knowing it's me, I'm fine saying that here.
its not cola its a drink called pocari awesome drink i might add
Putting everything aside wich was discussed about earlier ... I always had the impression, Kagami is a rather shy girl. Means I never imagined the possibility she might wear a swimsuit / bikini that exposes so much skin..
You're not taking into account artistic license ^_~ Besides, considering her blush, I don't think she's broken out of that shyness of hers.
Well, only her crotch is wet nothing else. Plus she's hiding it. So really, it's not a huge (perverted) leap of logic to think she wet herself.
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